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Who is responsible for Gambia's mass killings?


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Essa Bokarr Sey:"Wherever there are freedom fighters there is no freedom"       

 Breaking News:  Gambia: Armed Forces wish Jammehs coup never happened

Breaking News: Gambia: President Barrow Delivers Message Of Hope

Jammeh owns 180 landed properties, as Justice Minister makes startling revelations
Justice Minister Welcomes Brothers Withdrawal From NIA 9 Case

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The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) said it regretted the July 22nd coup that brought the former president to power because the unconstitutional takeover “brought untold terror and mayhem to Gambians”...

President Adama Barrow of the Gambia has used his address at the state opening of the country’s National Assembly to renew his pledge to jealously guard and preserve the freedom and dignity of his people...

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The Department of Trafficking in Persons under the US State Department has called for a vigorous investigation, prosecution, and conviction of human traffickers – including allegedly complicit government officials and child sex traffickers – with sufficiently stringent sentences in The Gambia...

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, faculty, staff and students of UTG. First, allow me to extend to FORIED and its membership, and Dr. Katim Touray, in particular, (a dear brother and friend) for their kind invitation to deliver...